In this mesmerizing debut novel, Asmussen deftly juggles a diverse cast of characters, bestowing upon readers a wealth of clever dialogue, interior landscapes brimming with intensity and wit, and settings drawn with a fine eye for detail.

 MIDGE RAYMOND, author of My Last Continent (Scribner)

“Asmussen is a strong writer with a talent for gorgeous prose that brings to life these characters, the university setting and the city of Boston […] It has been a long time since I’ve read Hesse’s Steppenwolf or Umberto Eco’s Foucault’s Pendulum, both books dearly loved, and as I read The Englishman and the Butterfly, I was happily reminded of both.” – Dina Keratsis, author of Kicking Sideways, Charlesgate, and Cake: A Fairy Tale

“The Englishman and the Butterfly is an undeniably ambitious book, firmly enmeshed not only in literary references, but also in a distinct aesthetic sensibility. [T]he language is thoughtful and deliberate, creating its own kind of introspective lull. It’s easy to fall into the lyrical language of this book, a dream-like state that both depicts and recreates the temptations of seeing life through too distant a lens.” – Marie Becker, Windy City Reviews

The Englishman and the Butterfly is both poetic and intelligent. I invite every reader to pick up this book and discover in its pages an intriguing look at life and the infinite possibilities it holds.” – Jennifer Roberts-Hall, The Indie Bookshelf

“From the very first sentence of this debut novel, I was captivated by the skilled visual and descriptive use of language, which brought the characters to life and lifted them from the pages of the book, to enact the story before me. The dialogue […] was clever, detailed and almost artistic in its ability and power to take me right into the heart and being of the individual characters and almost to their very souls, a profoundly touching and emotional journey.” – Fiction Books (UK)

“The Englishman and the Butterfly is a striking effort by this first-time novelist and poet, and one that will surely stake a claim in the growing genre of literary intrigue.” – Kate Hutchinson, author of The Gray Limbo of Perhaps

“A briskly entertaining modern story with clever classical overtones and elements borrowed from Shakespearean tragedy, Ryan Asmussen’s first novel asks the age old question plaguing man since the beginning of time: How much control do we have over our own destinies?” – Shannon McCloskey Allain, poet and essayist

“Asmussen’s prose takes on […] complexities as a prism diffuses light to reveal the gorgeous shades of the matter.” – Peter Eriksson, poet

“The conversations, ramblings, and rich inner dialogues of this intriguingly balanced cast prove […] ‘the persistence of literature.'” – Natalie McCracken, retired Editor-in-Chief, Bostonia

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