Fiction Books’ Review of The Englishman

Fiction Books | Review of The Englishman and the Butterfly by Ryan Asmussen, June 4, 2013 MY THOUGHTS ABOUT THE BOOK “The quality of the person will determine the quality of the happiness.” “Whatever you see around you, whatever holds and loves you, is who you truly are.” From the very first sentence of this […]

Shannon McCloskey Allain’s Review of ENGLISHMAN

REVIEW of Ryan Asmussen’s The Englishman and the Butterfly by Shannon McCloskey Allain Why aren’t more thrillers set within the gray-stoned, ivied walls and stately, dusty-shelved libraries of academia? With their insular, analytical worlds, temporarily suspended from reality in the name of developing intellectual over practical experience, combined with egos, professional hierarchies and conflicting ideas, such […]

Review of Midge Raymond’s “Forgetting English”

Former colleague, good friend, and one of the sweetest people you’ll ever meet, Midge Raymond is also the author of a lovely, smart, touching collection of short stories entitled Forgetting English, winner of the Spokane Prize for Short Fiction. I wanted to take this posting opportunity to share my delight with her stories in an effort to keep spreading […]