What with a plethora of wonderfully helpful Shakespeare blogs out there, I thought it would be beneficial to offer a slightly different, somewhat rarer, perspective on the Bard, a blog that seeks to put the focus directly on a close reading of his texts for the AP English Literature & Composition classroom.

This is what my SHAKESCENE attempts to do: narrow the lens upon diction and syntax, tropes and schemes, images and motifs, instead of, say, on performance elements or Elizabethan history. In other words, a blog to be used, ultimately, with an eye to the College Board’s Exam, though certainly not exclusively so, one especially designed to shed light on the complexity and profundity of Shakespeare’s language.

We offer “5 Question” interviews with teachers, professors, scholars, critics, actors, and directors of Shakespeare; ‘classic’ exegeses from famous Shakespeareans, notables such as Kermode, Berryman, Bradley, and Bloom, among others; and my own take on close reading the Bard.

It’s my hope that this blog will offer you — teacher, student, or Shakespeare enthusiast of any kind — a repository of useful, organized information and opinion that will aid you in your reading enjoyment.

To that end, I envision a community of learners interacting with one another via this blog; so, please, let us hear your comments, question, criticisms, and opinions. We really do want to hear from you.

Ryan Asmussen

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